Aims and Scope

Academic journal of research and scientific publishing (AJRSP) is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on scientific research outcomes on all the regions of the middle east and north Africa, and globally.
The journal aims to provide a quick unified and effective peer-review platform to cover many disciplines in one place. And that the journal becomes a reliable reference for high-quality research.

AJRSP is a multidisciplinary journal, the journal is interested to publish articles covering the following fields:
- Social Sciences
- Arts and Humanities
- Engineering
- Energy and Natural Sciences
- Environmental Sciences
- Computer Science
- Economic, Management and Accounting
- Medicine and Health Sciences

The Journal's mission is:
- Provide a quick and effective peer-review process for publishing scientific papers.
- Dissemination of science by indexing the recent scientific research and knowledge output in major international scientific databases.

Ajrsp accepts the following types of articles:
Review Article, Original Article, book review, Case Report.
Ajrsp is an open-access publisher serving the academic research and scientific communities by publishing the newest peer-reviewed research covering a range of academic disciplines.
Accepted papers will be freely downloaded by professors, researchers, instructors, students, and interested workers. (Open Access)

International peer-reviewed journal

ISSN: 2706-6495

Coming Issue: (63)
Submission Deadline:
26 June 2024
Date of Issue:
5 July 2024

Peer-Review statement

AJRSP follows academic conditions and rules for the arbitration and dissemination of scientific research. All published articles have undergone a rigorous peer-review process based on initial screening and final decision.

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