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Call for Papers - Issue 22
Submission Deadline
28 Jan 2021
Date of Issue
5 Feb 2021

Peer-Review statement

AJRSP follow academic conditions and rules for the arbitration and dissemination of scientific research, all published articles has undergone rigorous peer review process based on initial screening, and final decision.

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    Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement Guidelines

    Publication Decisions

    The editorial board is responsible for approving the publication of scientific papers submitted to the journal. The papers submitted to the journal are evaluated to ensure that they meet all the criteria of the terms and conditions published in the journal regardless of race, gender, religious background, race, nationality and political philosophy. What is taken into account is the scientific value, ethical standards of work, the integrity of scientific research, language, citation and plagiarism. The editorial committee is committed to improving the scientific sobriety of the journal by publishing research according to its importance, clarity, authenticity and conformity with the stated terms and conditions of researchers.


    The chief and the members of the editorial board panel undertake not to disclose any information related to submitted documents or papers to the journal except those necessary information authorized by the authors, editors, consultants and publisher.

    Responsibilities of Auditors and Arbitrators:

    Contribute to the publishing decisions The reviewers and arbitrators in the journal help the editorial committee to make the appropriate decision regarding the research as well as help the author to improve his research. The editorial committee of the journal is also committed not to reveal the names of the arbitrators but with the written consent of the reviewers themselves.

    Objectivity in arbitration standards:

    Objective criteria in arbitration are essential and personal judgment towards authors should not be ignored and ignored. The review should be reinforced with clear opinions and scientific arguments, and must be in accordance with the journal's regulations and published standards and conditions. The journal is committed to fixing all technical errors or resulting from the publication process or any modifications the researcher may request from the journal.

    Acknowledgement of Sources:

    Reviewers must notify the editorial board panel by the non-compliance of the author with the standards of publication in the journal. Additionally, they should make sure of the aptness of the references as well as the correct referencing (references should match in the body and bibliography). It must be ensured that the views and arguments presented do not belong to other researches. Reviewers must notify the editor in case there is similarity or overlap between their manuscript submitted to the journal and any other published researches.

    Disclosure and Conflict of Interests:

    It is not allowed for reviewers to use any information and ideas stated in the reviewed manuscripts for personal purposes, competitive interests, or any other interests. Furthermore, they should also disclose any conflict of interests that may make their opinion about the manuscript biased.

    Authors' Duties:

    Reporting Standards:

    Researcher(s) must comply with the regulations and disciplines of “publication policy” and the writing style approved by the journal. Criteria of accurate manuscripts must be provided through clarity of the aim, presentation of results in an accurate and sequent way, discussion of these results to fulfil the aims of the research along with object justification of the method of research. The manuscripts should be enhanced with work details as well as with modern scientific references. Researches should not include results stated in other researches. Inclusion of results that are forged or stolen is considered unethical and unacceptable behaviour.

    Multiple, Redundant, or Concurrent Publication:

    Researchers should not send their work to more than one journal; otherwise, it would be against the discipline of the publication. It is not permitted for researchers to submit a manuscript being evaluated to another journal which has its own policy of publication. In case of submitting a manuscript, a researcher can retain the published material.

    Authorship of the Paper:

    Specific names of the authors must be given, those who have made significant contribution in the research including idea of the research, design, implementation, and writing. One of the authors must be appointed as a coordinator to be in contact with the journal. A final approval should be given for the final version of the manuscript submitted to publication.

    Disclosure and Conflict of Interests:

    Researchers should reveal financial support or any other kind of support provided for them. Also, they should reveal any financial conflicts or other issues that affect the results or the interpretations of the research.

    Fundamental Errors in Published Works:

    Researcher(s) should notify the editor or the publisher in case of misstatements in the material of their manuscripts in order to do the needed corrections in the misprinting forms. When authors discover a significant error or inaccuracy in the published research, they should inform and cooperate with the editor or the publisher of the journal in order to undo or correct their researches in the misprinted form.

    Author Guidelines for Research Involving Animals and Human Subjects:

    Research involving experiments with human or animal subjects should conform to ethical standards outlined in the Uniform Requirements from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. The relevant section is II.F., Protection of Human Subjects and Animals in Research.

    When reporting experiments on human subjects, authors should indicate whether the procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation and with the Helsinki Declaration of the World Medical Association with all current revisions and amendments.
    When applicable, institutional approval should be indicated in the manuscript. Also, the Author should describe the manner in which informed consent was obtained from any human subjects. When reporting experiments on animals, authors should indicate whether the institutional and national guidelines for the care and use of laboratory animals were followed.
    The authors should provide Ajrsp with sufficient background information of materials, methods, specimens, and experiments using in research.
    The authors must following Ajrsp policies for Studies involving animals and human research participants.
    For more information about Ajrsp policies for Research Involving Human or Animal Subjects Click here