Publication Fees

Publish paper in AJRSP requires Article Processing Charges (APC). The APC equals 60 KWD Or equivalent 190 USD. Paid after the paper has been initial accepted for publication.
- No fees are required for developing countries with low-income countries according to the World Bank Country classification by Income level.
- Publication fees apply for articles accepted for publication, if the article is rejected after peer review the fee will be refunded

Payment methods

Academic Journal of Research and Scientific Publishing accept payments using the following methods:
Visa card
Western union

International peer-reviewed journal

ISSN : 2706-6495

Coming Issue: (62)
Submission Deadline:
26 May 2024
Date of Issue:
5 June 2024

Peer-Review statement

AJRSP follows academic conditions and rules for the arbitration and dissemination of scientific research. All published articles have undergone a rigorous peer-review process based on initial screening and final decision.

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