Submission Preparation Checklist:

1. The research should be characterized by originality, scientific methodology, and modernity in the subject and presentation.

2 - Taking into account the validity of the language and the integrity of the method of research.

3- Manuscript Not to have been published or submitted to another party.

4- The academic journal publishes the original scientific research which plagiarism does not exceed 5%.

5 - The number of pages does not exceed 40 pages

6- The manuscript should be complete

7 - Matching the manuscript to the research formats in our journal terms

Before submitting, you need to read about the author's guidelines.

Review Status

Once research has been sent, the research is subject to initial evaluation; Then, We will send the initial decision notification via email within four days from submitting.

The review process

  • Manuscript submitted
  • AJRSP has received the submission, and we are screening it to ensure adherence to our policies and requirements.

  • Initial Decision
  • If your manuscript matches AJRSP terms and criteria. You will receive the initial acceptance for publication or not and complete the rest of the procedures.

  • Payment of publishing fees
  • If the paper is initially approved for publication, payment of APC is due to send the manuscript to 2 expert arbitrators for the final decision.

  • Final decision
  • Submissions go through double blind peer-review by ajrsp two editor experts or more. Author/s need to make amendments and additions to the manuscript, if any, based on the final decision of ajrsp experts.

  • Publishing
  • AJRSP will send manuscript Format for Digital Publishing and indexing according to publishing standards for the coming issue

    International peer-reviewed journal

    ISSN: 2706-6495

    Coming Issue: (63)
    Submission Deadline:
    26 June 2024
    Date of Issue:
    5 July 2024

    Peer-Review statement

    AJRSP follows academic conditions and rules for the arbitration and dissemination of scientific research. All published articles have undergone a rigorous peer-review process based on initial screening and final decision.

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