Career Craft (A Student Training and Freelancing Platform)

Authors: Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Zekri(1), Ayman Jammaa Ajbna(2), Moammad Al-Mahdi Al-Sharif(3), Mustafa Abdo Rhama Esmail(4), Dr. Niemah Izzeldin Osman(5)
BSc Honors in Information Technology, College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan (1-4)
Associate Professor in Communication Networks, College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan (5)


As the world continues to rely on technology in all aspects of life, the demand for Information Technology graduates with sufficient background knowledge and necessary practical skills has never been higher. Computer science students are required to keep track of advancements and new trends in the field while maintaining good depth in present technologies. Unfortunately, many fresh graduates face significant challenges when entering the workforce, lacking practical experience and technical skills in the field. To mitigate this problem, students need more exposure to real-world experience and work in a job market environment. This paper presents the design and implementation of Career Craft, a platform that intends to enhance students’ programming and problem-solving skills by providing programming tasks that students compete to solve. Teachers develop and publish programing tasks and students solve them in order to gain points. A teacher is assigned as project manager and selects a group of students based on expertise and experience to develop the requested service. This exposes students to the real-world job environment and provides them with hands-on freelancing experience in these areas. By using the system, students can increase their employability by working as freelancers for clients. The system improves students' skills, increases their chances of employment, and increases their income, while helping clients obtain quality services.


Career Craft, Freelancing, Training Platform, Programing Skills, UI/UX, Web Development.

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26 April 2024
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5 May 2024

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