Building Blocks Properties and Temperature Transfer between Block Walls

Authors: Eng. Tareq Ibrahim Alnkhailan(1), Eng. Ali Yahya Alfadhli(2)
Mechanical Engineer in the Public Authority for Applied Education & Training, Specialized trainer member in the Instate of Civil Structural Training, Kuwait (1)
MBA Certified Civil Engineer Projects Manager at Badael Modern Materials Company, Kuwait (2)


The construction field in the Arabic gulf area is supported on the blocks martials as a primary cladding source for exterior elevations and interior walls. There are two types of blocks that are mainly used in the region. First, the solid cement black blocks which is constructed of cement, fine aggregate, fine aggregate and Portland cement. Second is the white block which Consists of Portland cement, cement ash, fine sand, aluminium powder, lime and silica. Cement black blocks act as load bearing walls, because of its high pressure and shear resistance. Add to that, the cement blocks are considered a cheap material. However, the cement black blocks considered a heavy material and overload to its holding structure. In addition, the cement black blocks are weak temperature and sound isolators, to fill the cement black blocks missing properties, the white blocks are used. The white blocks are light weigh, good temperature and sound insulators and easy to cut and build. On the other hand, the white blocks weak points are its low bearing load resistance, in which it is not possible to clad the white blocks with marble or stones. In this research paper, the gypsy blocks are introduced and studied as alternative material that have both the black and white blocks benefit and compensate for both materials’ weak points.


Building Blocks, Properties, Temperature Transfer, Block Walls

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5 May 2024

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