The Relationship between School Leadership and Teacher Motivation in Kuwait

Author: Nader Abdullah Shaddad
MSc Educational Leadership and Management, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom



The main aim of this paper was to examine how school leadership influences teacher motivation in Kuwait. This purpose has been fulfilled using both graphical and statistical analysis methods applied to primary quantitative data. The data was gathered from 108 Kuwaiti teachers from 15 Kuwaiti schools, including the author’s school. It can be concluded that school leadership has a strong positive effect on the degree to which Kuwaiti teachers are motivated in the workplace. The carried out analysis has demonstrated that monetary rewards and working conditions quality statistically predict the participants’ motivation level. Considering the limitation of this paper, it can be recommended that the future researchers in the field should examine the impact of motivation and hygiene factors such as employee autonomy, personal development opportunities, emotional support and non-monetary rewards on the motivation of Kuwaiti teachers. Furthermore, it is recommended that the future researchers in the field should contact a greater number of Kuwaiti teachers in order to add to internal validity and reliability. Finally, it is recommended that the future researchers should gather data from Kuwaiti school leaders to arrive at more comprehensive conclusions concerning the link between school leadership and teacher motivation in Kuwait.


Leadership styles, Motivation, School, Teachers

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26 July 2024
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5 August 2024

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