Geoinformatics Technology Distributed Geospatial Database Development for Economic Crisis Management and Natural Disasters in Sudan

Author: Dr. Taha Alfadul Taha Ali
Associate Professor, Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Alzaiem Alazhari University, Sudan



Distributing Geodatabase allows organizations to disperse their data as necessary from central servers to regional or local offices, which may be in a connected or disconnected environment. The aim of this study is distributed geospatial database development For Economic Crisis Management and Natural Disasters (ECM-GDB) using Geoinformatics technology. The motivation is deep need to organize the Economic Crisis Management and Natural Disasters in Sudan. The objectives are: Define the crisis & emergency concepts, Design and implementation Economic Crisis Management and Natural Disasters Geodatabase (ECM-GDB) Geodatabase in Sudan, and apply GIS call center Managing Economic Crises and Natural Disasters the GIS call center. The importances are to support decision maker in Government, Society and Customer. The methodology depends on GIS phases. There are many recommendations of this study: build ECM System. Also There are many future researches: build many mobile applications specific ECM.


Geodatabase Replication, Geoinformatics Technology Economic Crisis Management (GTECM), Sustainable development, Environment sector, desktop/web/Mobile application, Geosmart City

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26 April 2024
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5 May 2024

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