The Implementation of Battery Swapping Stations for the Electric Vehicles in Saudi Arabia (Study the Role of These Stations to Increase the Economic Indicators and comparing it with the Battery Charging Stations)

Authors: Mohammad Muteab D AL-Mutiri(1), Sulatan Abdullah A AL-Sahow (2)
Electrical Engineering Department, Majmaah University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1,2)



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia consume huge measure of vehicles fuel in a yearly way which hurt the monetary express, the worth of fuel utilization in Saudi Arabia, "petroleum and diesel", during the year 2019, including all areas, barring all, fuel utilization, added up to around 382 million barrels, contrasted with 377.2 million barrels in 2018, recorded at 100, 100 million barrels. Because of that it is liked to as be opposed to utilizing petroleum is to supplant it with Battery Swapping Stations. Battery trading is another innovation permitting super-quick charging for electric vehicles, it permits Electric Vetches (EV) proprietors to supplant the released batteries with charged ones at the trade stations. At the point when the battery is released, the proprietor can transform it with a completely energized one. This will resolve the issue of setting up charging stations and furthermore diminish range uneasiness of drivers. Further, battery renting can assist EV proprietors with saving the expense of buying a battery. The assistance is less tedious and requires a couple of moments contrasted with charging at a battery station which could require hours. It additionally requires least framework. The principal objective of this undertaking is to sit a procedure that permits battery trading stations in Saudi Arabia to diminish the pointless abundance utilization and ascend with the monetary markers.


Battery Swapping Station, Electric Vehicle, Charging, Fuel

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26 July 2024
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5 August 2024

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