The Impact of Resistance to Change on the Implementation of Quality Management System in the Ministry of Education (General Directorate of Education in South Batinah Governorate as a Model)

Author: Mr. Hamed Salim Said AL Basami
Master of Business Administration, Ministry of Education, Oman


This study is investigating the reality of resistance to change in the light of Quality Management System (QMS) implementation in the Ministry of Education (South Batinah Directorate as a model of the study). It tries to answer some questions related to the main factors that lead to resistance to change with correlations of gender, years of experience and educational level. The method of collecting data of this study was conducting quantitatively through an electronic questionnaire including 59 participants of directors in different administrative level. The data has been analyzed statistically through SPSS. The result shows that the performance of the employees was impacted through the lack of awareness of the QMS requirements. Although, the all four factors recorded close level of resistance, the cognitive rigidity factor recorded the highest factor that lead to resistance to change. The study results can be generalized to other directorates in the Ministry of Education because the similar work environment. This study can be used to make some very crucial amendments in the future in managing QMS in the organization.


Quality Management, Change management, Resistance to change, Quality Management system

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26 June 2024
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5 July 2024

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