Mechanism of Silver Nanoparticles Deposition by Electrolysis and Electroless Methods on a Graphite Substrate

Authors: Prof. Dr. Mahmoud A. Rabah (1*), Prof. Dr. Nabil Nassif Girgis (2)
Chemical and electrochemical treatment Lab. Mineral Processing Dept. Central metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI), Cairo, Egypt (1*)
Control and Surface Protection Lab, Central metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI), Cairo, Egypt (2)



This study shows a silver electrodeposition model (EDM) on a graphite ‎substrate. The electrolyte was a 0.01 M solution of pure silver and chromium nitrate using an ‎electrolyzing cell. EDC with current density up to 20 mA/cm2 and 15 mV and pulse current were studied. Results revealed that silver deposited at a ‎rate of 0.515 mg/cm2/min with 12 mA /cm2 that decreases to 0.21 and 0.16 mg/cm2.min ‎with the decrease of current density to 6 and 5 mA/cm2 respectively. The model postulates that ‎silver ions (a) were first hydrated before diffusing (b) from the solution bulk to ‎the cathode vicinity, the next step (c) involved the chemical adsorption of these ions on certain ‎accessible sites of the graphite substrate (anode), the discharged entities (d) adhere to the graphite ‎surface by Van der Vales force. Silver ions are deposited because the ‎discharge potential of silver is low (0.38 mV) as compared to other metal ions like chromium (0.82 mV). Pulse ‎current controls silver deposition due to flexibility in controlling steps (a) - (c) of the ‎deposition mechanisms.


Silver and chromium nanoparticles, Electrolysis, Electroless deposition, Chemical deposition, Pulse current, Graphite substrate.

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5 July 2024

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