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    Some Important Secrets of Language Development

    Author: Muhammad Qasim Gurbaz
    Senior Teaching Assistant, Pashto Department, Faculty of Languages and Literature, Shaikh Zayed University, Khost, Afghanistan

    Email: qasim.gurbaz@gmail.com
    Doi: doi.org/10.52132/Ajrsp.e.2021.32.4


    Language is a jewel in the human body. If it is not available, no phenomenon can compensate for its absence. Every human with a language is known as a skillful person. If language is downfallen, almost all human beings’ relations are damaged. Language, like all other phenomena of human culture, is closely linked to a human community, an event that occurs in a community, taking its own steps towards perfection in that community. Language is the only source of communication among the people. In fact, it is a source of reflection of the aspirations and desires of the people and a great tool for finding ways to meet their needs. In the process of research, I have clarified what language means, what it is called. As a result of the research, it has also become clear what is its value in social life, what is its importance. Language functions were also highlighted during the research. Some important factors and characteristics that lead to the development of a language are highlighted in details. If the speakers of any language take advantage of the mentioned ways to develop their language, to contrive for it to conclude all the mentioned possibilities and factors in their language, I am sure that their language will be taken place among the advanced languages.


    Language, importance of language, functions of language, ways of language development.

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