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    High Gain Microstrip Active Antenna Utilizes as Transmitter and Receiver with Linear and Circular Polarization

    Authors: Engr. AHMED. S. ALZAHRANI(1*), Prof. ADNAN. M. AFFANDI(2)
    Master of Electronics and Communications, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia(1*)
    Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia(2)

    Email: asmz11@hotmail.com
    Doi: doi.org/10.52132/Ajrsp.e.2021.304


    In this research paper, a high gain microstrip active antenna is operating as transmitter and receiver at the same time with linear and circular polarization operations. This proposed work contains five essential parts such as high gain and broadband applications. Firstly, mainly is dealing with passive patch antennas. These selected passive antennas enjoy both high gain and broadband applications. Part two intends to convert the selected passive patch antennas into an active antenna. Part three intended to improve the performances of the proposed active integrated antennas. Part four enhancement elements (which is known as parasitic elements) are utilized in order to increase the gain of selected antennas. Part five, this proposed active integrated antennas will be converted from linear polarization (LP) into circulation polarization (CP). All the selected antennas will simulate by using models of ADS Agilent.


    Microstrip, Antenna, Receiver, Transmitter, Linear and Circular Polarization.

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