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    Investigating the Importance of Tunnel Lighting and its Role in Reducing Traffic Accidents

    Authors: Massoud Danishmal(1*), Zainullah Serat(2)
    Electrical Power Engineering Department, Ghazni Technical University, Afghanistan(1*)
    Energy Engineering Department, Ghazni Technical University, Afghanistan(2)

    Email: Massoudzeyarmal@gmail.com

    Doi: doi.org/10.52132/Ajrsp.e.2021.293


    Traffic safety is a major concern worldwide. Road accidents are the ninth leading cause of death in the world. Tunnel accidents are less common than road accidents. However, the severity of the accidents is more severe. One of the key factors in preventing accidents in road tunnels is proper lighting system. Failure to pay attention to this issue causes the phenomenon of black hole when approaching the tunnel, visual mismatch inside the tunnel and the phenomenon of glowing hole when leaving the tunnel. The creation of these factors has increased the risk potential at the entrance and exit of the tunnel up to 4 times the middle area of the tunnel. At the entrance to the tunnel, the reflection of sunlight from the surroundings and the lack of sufficient light usually cause some vision problems. It may lead to drivers' eyes not adapting to changing the brightness level at the tunnel entrance, thus increasing the risk of road accidents in this area. The aim of this study was to evaluate the lighting safety in very long road tunnels based on the visual adaptation of drivers in the tunnels. In this paper, first, generalities about tunnel safety are stated and using the CIE88-2004 standard, the required luminosity in the threshold, transition, interior and exit areas of the tunnel is designed. Finally, solutions are proposed to increase the safety of tunnels.


    Lighting safety, Tunnel lighting system, Reduction of black hole phenomenon, Brightness, Risk of road accidents.

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