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    Factors Affecting the Design and Economic Operation of Distribution Networks and Its Investigation in the 0.4 KV Distribution Network of Ghazni City

    Author: Massoud Danishmal
    Electrical Power Engineering Department, Ghazni Technical University, Afghanistan

    Email: Massoudzeyarmal@gmail.com
    Doi: doi.org/10.52132/Ajrsp.e.2021.275


    The design of power distribution systems should be such that it can technically respond to the increase in electricity demand properly and economically, optimally designed and high network reliability. In order to respond to the increase in electricity demand, load forecasting must be done so that in addition to providing the electricity needed by customers, expansion of power generation centers, expansion of substations, expansion of transformer stations and selection of their appropriate location can be done optimally. In this article, we first examine the definitions and factors that are technically and economically effective in the economic design of energy distribution systems. And in the next stage, we will see whether these above-mentioned effective factors are considered in the 0.4 kV distribution network of Ghazni city or not.


    Electricity demand, Transformer station, Distribution systems, Design of Energy Distribution Systems, Subscribers

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