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    The Ultimate Influences of Brand Equity Dimensions on Consumer Decision in Hi-Tech Market.

    Authors: Dr. Alireza Miremadi (1), Omidreza Ghanadiof(2)
    Former Dean and Assistant Marketing Professor at Graduate School of Management at Sharif University of Technology, Iran - International Campus, Member of AMA & CMA Advisory Council of Marketing Practitioners (ACMP), Canada (1), Graduate of Industrial Management, School of Technology, University of Central Missouri, USA (2)

    Email: alireza.miremadi@gmail.com
    Doi: doi.org/10.52132/Ajrsp.e.2021.272


    Laptop market in Iran is the highly competitive market, so the researchers studied the effect of brand equity on consumer behavior in laptop market in Iran. Brand equity consists of four main categories such as brand awareness, perceived quality brand loyalty and brand association. Data were gathered from 505 respondents among different cities of Iran. The influence of brand equity dimensions was analyzed through different Statistical techniques applying SPSS ver22. The analyses proved the influence of all of the four dimensions of Iranian laptop consumption. When view from this prospective, brand Association and brand loyalty placed as higher ranks among the Iranian consumers, In consequence, marketing and advertising manager should put their efforts to improve perceived quality and brand awareness to strength their brand equity in this highly competitive market. As matter of fact brand image captured the strength point and value placed as weakness point in brand Association as one of dimension of brand equity. One also should not overlook the fact that brand recognition is placed as strong factor of brand awareness and similar feature captured the weakness attributes of brand awareness in Iranian laptop market.


    Brand Equity, Awareness, Perceived Quality, Loyalty, Association, Consumer Behavior, Laptop, Iran.

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