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    The Effect of the Use Leadership Style Transformation and Non-use of Laissez-Faire in Schools on the Percentage of Outstanding Students and on the Percentage of Dropouts in Schools in the Haifa District.

    Authors: Kawther Younes(1), Yousef Daher(2)
    Ph.D. Students Management Faculty, West University of Timisoara, Romani(1,2)

    Email: kawther_younes@hotmail.com
    Doi: doi.org/10.52132/Ajrsp.e.2021.262


    This study attempts to discuss the effect of the use leadership style Transformation and Non-use of laissez-faire in schools on the percentage of outstanding students and on the percentage of dropouts in schools in the Haifa district. To achieve a goal of this study, a study was published on "Measurement and analysis of statistics to determine relationships between one data set and another". The leadership style used by teachers and principals. As an independent variable was identified from the literature, and appropriate statistical tests were performed to determine its effect. Furthermore, the study lies that the school principal adopts a specific style of transformative, transformational leadership styles, if this leadership style influences the school culture. The sample of this study consists of the principals and teachers of the Arab outstanding students in the Haifa district. The test will include 4 Arab high schools in the Haifa district, 4 schools received a "good" rating.


    Leadership Styles, Transformational leadership styles, Transactional leadership styles, Lassiez-Faire styles, School culture.

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